Houston Rockets Video Diary – Media Day: Daryl Morey and Mike D’Antoni


EsMike D’Antoni and Daryl Morey took to the podium on Houston Rockets Media Day to discuss roster changes and provide a few specifics on philosphy.

Houston Rockets Media Day offered player insights, but the voices most pundits wanted to hear from were that of GM Daryl Morey and new head coach Mike D’Antoni.

Daryl Morey:


Daryl Morey

jumped on the James Harden band wagon reiterating similar statements each previous speaker said.

Rockets GM Daryl Morey sits courtside at Madison Square Garden

Specifically he cited Harden stepping up to new level of leadership and taking  ownership of team.

Speaks to couple of seasons ago when the team surprised everyone, but the goal this season is to return to prominence.

Morey mentioned owner Leslie Alexander on a couple of occasions. Notably with Alexander taking part in the coach search and free agent recruitment seems to indicate Morey’s job isn’t quite as secure as it was 2 seasons ago.

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Offseason roster moves:

  • First of all, Morey feels he assembled the right pieces on the roster to work as a unit.
  • Cites the coaching staff being the right fit for what Rockets want to achieve.
  • Morey specifically worked on improving shooting feeling they were lacking in that area.
  • Discussed Tyler Ennis trade with Bucks.
  • Feels guards are extremely important. Specifically wanted to give coach D’Antoni options behind Harden, Gordon and Beverley.
  • Of note, there was concern about depth, so Tyler Ennis was picked up to aid in that regard.
  • Morey has a penchant for recruiting players for long periods.  Anderson and Nene are two examples of an initial miss he later turned into a successful recruit. Consequently Tyler Ennis is a player Morey followed through his Syracuse days and was actively seeking in the draft. Morey loves his passing ability and size. Furthermore, Morey indicated minutes will go to either Ennis of Payton II. Though Brown will also get a shot and Prigioni is there as there as the reliable vet.


  • When asked about Capela Morey said he expects Clint to take a big step forward including increased minutes.
  • Daryl noted Clint added muscle this off season to handle the work load of the nightly wear and tear of big men in the Association.

2016 Media Day – Morey https://t.co/iqfZZ844Lj via @houstonrockets

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Mike D’Antoni:


Mike D’Antoni

wasn’t about to share too much with the assembled media electing to let Daryl Morey speak more.

Roster Choices:

  • Wouldn’t commit to Capela or Hilario starting, but did seem to indicate it will depend on who gels with Ryan Anderson best.
  • Coach also mentioned Motiejunas as if he was with the team although the contract remains in question.
  • D’Antonio cited D-Mo’s ability to pass, shoot and versatility as strong assets. That said, it’s obvious Motiejunas is someone he wants on this roster.
  • D’Antoni wouldn’t commit much to philosophy other than the typical “press rehearsed” comments.  He cited things like going one day at a time, improving fundamentals and defense as well as how competitive the West is.

Other Notable comments:

  • Asked whether the trip to China will be a blessing or wear on the players in terms of fatigue.
  • Reporters inquired about the mini camps Harden orchestrated in Miami and Los Angeles to which Mike D’Antoni was demonstrative in his praise.  Coach D felt that allowed the team to work on fundamentals, but more importantly provided a bonding experience.
  • Like everyone who took to the podium the GM and Coach were effusive in their praise of James Harden as a player, a leader and a top talent.
  • Interesting tidbit offered by D’Antoni was how technology has changed the landscape of the game. Coach D’Antoni noted film clips and data can be sent by phone or computer with immediate responses.

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