Houston Rockets Video Diary – Practice: Mike D’Antoni, 9.28.16


As the Houston Rockets continue their training camp Mike D’Antoni spoke to reporters following another practice session on 9.28.16.

Houston Rockets training camp progresses with the team anxious to play an actual game versus another team. New head coach Mike D’Antoni spoke to reporters following the September 28th practice session.

Highlights of interview:

  • Mike D’Antoni spoke of trying to keep things interesting for the squad as each day presents new challenges.
  • Furthermore D’Antoni says the players are ready to play an actual game since they’ve only playing against each other.
  • Both the coaching staff and players are anxious to measure the results of their efforts versus another team.
  • D’Antoni calls these days the “dog days” of training camp.

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D’Antoni’s thoughts on Rockets growth:

  • Every day the coach is seeing offensive improvements.
  • D’Antoni spoke to how it’s difficult to keep things exciting for the team to keep them motivated.
  • Noted daily improvements specifically on offense.

Reporter Questions:

Mar 14, 2016; Oakland, CA, USA; New Orleans Pelicans forward Ryan Anderson (33) dribbles the ball as Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) defends in the second half at Oracle Arena. The Warriors won 125-107. Mandatory Credit: Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Reporters asked a few questions about specific players:

Anderson’s new step back shot: asked what he thought of Anderson adding this shot to his repertoire.

D’Antoni: replied it’s not the highest efficiency shot, but in the right circumstance it can work. The coach added if he’s hitting it then he’s okay with that shot selection.

Follow-up question re: Harden likely to take last shots:

D’Antoni: when a reporter notes James Harden would likely take those last second shots, the coach is quick to point out Harden will be making the decision based on who is guarding him, switches and who is open.

Suffice to say D’Antoni while big on Harden wants his offense to be unpredictable unlike last season when teams would just send multiple defenders at Harden.

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Capela’s Stamina:

D’Antoni: As for Capela, the coach noted initially he was worried about Capela’s stamina when he observed him this summer. D’Antoni said he’s been impressed with his ability to run the floor and keep up with the rest of the team, citing his rapid improvement.

Humorous Insight:

When questioned about the defense and how the Rockets will address other teams D’Antoni made a humorous comment. D’Antoni said many players will utilize screen switches to “rest on defense”.  Though it’s logical, I’ve never heard a coach say this before.

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