Where Do Current Jerseys for the Houston Rockets Fit into Nike’s 4 Options?

HOUSTON, TX - JULY 14: Chris Paul
HOUSTON, TX - JULY 14: Chris Paul /

Nike introduced the new jersey styles that will be used by the NBA this season.

The jerseys of the Houston Rockets are a debatable topic these days. Today, Nike has announced that there will be 4 options that NBA teams can use this season.

Nick DePaula of ESPN said the options are “Association,” which is a classic white, “Icon,” which is the team colored jersey, “Athlete Mindset,” no description was given on this one, and “Community,” locally inspired.

The last two are fairly cryptic and have NBA fans wondering what jerseys their teams will wear next season.

More information about how everything will work with the jerseys can be found here. For the Rockets, let’s look at the options that they already have and compare them to the Nike 4:


This jersey is the classic white one that the Rockets have been using since 2003. While the design is simple and fairly decent, it is probably time for a change. An update, at the very least, might be in order for this upcoming season. We will have to see what Nike has in store.


This jersey is another one that has been around since 2003. It fits the description of a “team color” uniform and is sharp-looking. Though it has the same design as the white jerseys, these look much better with the color scheme. It may be time for an update with them as well, but I personally would not be disappointed if it does not happen.

Athlete Mindset

This point is where things get interesting. The first two were obvious, but what could the last two be? My guess for the Athlete Mindset jersey is the newer black one.

This jersey was introduced within the last couple years and was an instant hit. People loved them and the Rockets or Nike would be wrong to change these too terribly much. We will have to wait and see for the official confirmation on the Athlete Mindset jersey.


Currently, the only jersey that would fit the description given for this one is the Clutch City uniform. Here’s a picture of it when it was first introduced. Excuse the D-Mo.

This jersey uses the nickname for Houston and would fit the description of being “inspired by the community.”

Could this jersey be a new one that Nike is creating for the Rockets? What about the gray uniform that is not super well-received? I am sure that these answers and more will come soon enough. Nike has also said that 8 teams will have “classic” jerseys this season. Will JJ Watt partially get his wish and have the Rockets wear these jerseys at times?

Whoever buys the Rockets, please bring back these uni's full time. pic.twitter.com/lBfgjGpx7X

— JJ Watt (@JJWatt) July 17, 2017

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