The Houston Rockets are Holding Off Signing Two Players

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The Rockets have had an active offseason in which they signed and re-signed quite a few players.

However, the Houston Rockets will look to hold off on the signing of two of those players. Bobby Brown, who would be signing for the minimum, is one of them. The other is Demetrius Jackson, who they recently agreed to a two-way contract with.

Bobby Brown is a fan favorite who did not receive much playing time last season. His main strength, though, is his recruiting skill and friendships with players all around the league. He is one of the many reasons that Chris Paul agreed to come play in Houston.

Demetrius Jackson is a recent addition to the Rockets. He played last season for the Celtics in a very limited role. He still has some developing to do, so look for him to spend much of the season in Rio Grande Valley once his deal is official.

Let’s take a look at why these deals are being delayed:

The Reasoning Behind the Delay

According to David Weiner of ClutchFans, who broke the news, the Rockets are doing this to have some extra cap room to take back some salary in a potential trade. Here’s the original tweet:

FWIW: Looks like Rockets are holding off on officially re-signing Bobby Brown for now. HOU may need extra room below hard cap to make moves.

— David Weiner (@BimaThug) August 19, 2017

According to Weiner, there is no rush on the Bobby contract. Since he is signing for the minimum, his deal can be done after the craziness of the Melo drama settles down.

Having extra $1.5M below hard cap (& extra roster spot) gives a little more flexibility to take back salaries in trades (Melo or otherwise).

— David Weiner (@BimaThug) August 19, 2017

As for Demetrius Jackson, his two-way contract does not affect the salary cap in any sort of way. So why is his contract being delayed? Take a look.

Looks like Rockets are doing same w/ Demetrius Jackson. While Two-Way Contracts don't affect the cap, he'd count towards 20-man max roster.

— David Weiner (@BimaThug) August 19, 2017

Jackson is not a necessity to the Rockets, so if the team needs to take on the salary of another player, then he would likely be the first to go. Brown, on the other hand, will still be signed eventually, so don’t worry about Bobby Buckets going anywhere soon.

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