The NBA will investigate the Rockets-Clippers post game incident

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The NBA is investigating the post game events involving both Rockets and Clippers players in the locker room.

Monday night’s game between the Rockets and Clippers got a little chippy to say the least. Unfortunately for Houston, their three game winning streak was snapped in a 113-102 loss, but the outcome of the game was drowned out by the late-game and post game altercations.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the league will look into the incidents after Monday’s matchup and the NBA won’t hold back on disciplinary action.

The game was chippy from the beginning, but things really heated up when coach Mike D’Antoni and Blake Griffin got into a shouting match.

According to ESPN’s Tim MacMahon, D’Antoni claimed that Griffin intentionally ran into him while he was arguing with the referee about a goaltending call. The next possession, Griffin was fouled by the Rockets, and the star made his way over to D’Antoni and the two exchanged some heated words.

Players from both sides continued to talk a lot of trash and the game got more physical as play resumed. Trevor Ariza jawed back and forth with some players on the Clippers bench, particularly Austin Rivers, and then he and Griffin got into an altercation. The officials quickly ejected both players before the game could get out of hand.

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Then, after the game, things got even more intense. According to Wojnarowski, James Harden, Chris Paul, Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green marched through a back hallway that connects the visiting locker room to the Clippers locker room. They cited that they were looking to confront Austin Rivers and Blake Griffin, and the two teams had a bit of a standoff before security was able to escort them back to the visiting locker room.

While all of this was happening, Clint Capela banged on the front entrance of the Clippers locker room. A staff member from the Clippers opened the door, realized what was happening, and shut the door on him.

It was an interesting and partly embarrassing night for the NBA. It got so bad, that someone from the arena even called the Los Angeles Police Department to make sure that things didn’t escalate further.

Admittedly, most basketball fans are tired of everyone in the league being best friends, so a healthy dislike between two teams is refreshing. And of course, NBA Twitter was on fire as more news broke out about the incident, sparking hilarious memes and gifs.

Austin Rivers: "LAPD please come as soon as you can."

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Some jawing back and forth on the court is one thing, but the NBA isn’t going to tolerate any altercations in the locker room.

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Most of the players involved will probably receive fines and there could even be a few suspensions. Chris Paul is the President of the National Basketball Players Association, so it’ll be interesting to see how the league handles his involvement in the incident.