4 Houston Rockets players who’ve won awards during All-Star weekend

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5. Patrick Beverley – 2015 Taco Bell Skills Challenge

When it was announced that former Houston Rockets guard Patrick Beverley was going to be in the 2015 Taco Bell Skills Challenge, many were quite surprised. Pat Bev isnt necessarily known for his speed, which is generally the type of trait that lands players in the Skills Challenge.

This is a beneficial trait to have for this competition, as there is an obstacle course which is the length of the entire basketball court. In theory, the competition is heavily favored by the player who gets up the court the quickest, which isn’t exactly something Beverley has ever been mistaken for.

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In the first round, Beverley went head-to-head with Isaiah Thomas, who has the build and skillset that should easily leave Pat Bev in the dust. However, Beverley finished with the better time between the two, as Thomas struggled to make the required layup before Beverley.

In the second round, Beverley faced off against Atlanta Hawks guard Jeff Teague and found himself a full court-length behind Teague, which almost seemed like a surefire loss for Beverley. But Teague struggled to make the 3-point shot through two attempts, and Beverley drained it on his first try, which advanced him to the championship round.

In the final round, Beverley faced off against former Houston Rockets guard Brandon Knight, which again should have been a guaranteed victory for Knight. The competition started off similar to the second round, as Beverley got off to a full court-length behind Knight. However, Knight missed the 3-point shot through his first two attempts, and Beverley drained it on his first try.

The final round can be seen below, and it’s impressive how Bev came back and took home the trophy.

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