The Houston Rockets currently hold these 3 single-season records

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3. Most Offensive Rebounds in a Season

When you take a look at offensive rebounding numbers in NBA history, it’s staggering how dominant Moses Malone was throughout his career. Breaking it down by most offensive rebounds in a single season, he occupies the top three spots and five of the seven best offensive rebounding seasons ever.

Malone’s record of 587 rebounds in the 1978-79 season has been untouchable for decades and will probably never be eclipsed. We’re talking about having to average over seven offensive rebounds per game, assuming you’re healthy enough to play all 82.

The only player that has come close to averaging seven rebounds per game was Jayson Williams in the 1997-98 season with the New Jersey Nets, when he averaged 6.8 over 65 games played.

When it comes to the overall single-season record of 587, the closest anyone came to that number was Moses again the following season, with 573.

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Breaking it down by NBA career, Malone finished with 6,731 offensive boards. That’s more than Kevin Garnett (3,209) and David Robinson (3,083) combined. It’s also over 2,100 more than anyone else in the league ever tallied, with Robert Parish being second all-time at 4,598.

The only active players in the top 15 in offensive rebounds currently are former Rocket Dwight Howard (3,827) and current Rocket Tyson Chandler (3,529), who likely won’t see much playing time unless he’s moved to another team.

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It’s safe to say the Chairman of the Boards has a few records that will last for at least another decade or two.