Rockets Jeff Green makes interesting choice for most stylish Rocket

Jeff Green (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Jeff Green (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Houston Rockets forward Jeff Green had an interesting answer when asked which Rockets player is the most stylish.

When the Houston Rockets enter the arena each night, the fashion show begins. Whether it be James Harden rocking a fire fighter suit or a Grinch outfit, we know The Beard comes ready to show out, as Harden’s outfits often leave us in just as much awe as his dazzling 60-point performances.

P.J. Tucker is also a surefire lock to step off the runway with several pairs of Retro Air Jordan’s in his hand or multiple pairs of Nike player exclusive sneakers, which we’d likely never find even after scouring the web. Russell Westbrook also draws attention when he enters and exits the arena with his unique fashion choices, to put it politely.

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But despite Westbrook, Harden, and Tucker being three of the most dapper players in the league, Rockets forward Jeff Green didn’t select either of those three when asked who he feels is the most stylish player on the team. Uncle Jeff selected Austin Rivers, who has a fashion sense of his own, but doesn’t get as much attention as the other three.

Rivers described his stylistic versatility during an interview he did as a member of the LA Clippers, by stating that some days he’ll be super professional and other days he’ll look like a rapper. Rivers later added “I go into the locker room and guys will be like, ‘What do you got on?’ and “I’ll be like: ‘This is how I dress. What do you got on?'”

Rivers is also like The Sneaker King, in that he has his own stash of Adidas shoes that he doesn’t even wear. He also makes sure to not only rock the Patek Philippe watch, but to make sure it’s visible when he steps out, so he can floss it.

Rivers knows the importance of having the best drip, as he once spent $7,000 on a green, suede Tom Ford jacket, which is a significant investment. With all things considered, it’s not that surprising that Rivers earned Uncle Jeff’s selection.

Green’s fashion sense

As for his own style, Green stated the song that best describes his own drip is Outkast’s “So Fresh, So Clean”, which samples Joe Simon’s “Before the Night is Over.” Green has his own personal stylist and has professed to being big on shoes and cars during an interview he did as a member of the Washington Wizards.

Green’s stylist has suggested Balenciaga’s for the Houston Rockets forward and has helped him further his own fashion sense. He’s stressed the importance of wearing drip that will draw attention and get discussed. An example of this is donning a lime green outfit in the winter, which will surely turn heads.

He also has a pair of orange pants in his collection, which sticks with the theme of drawing attention. Considering Green’s wardrobe, it’s surprising that he didn’t select himself as the most stylish player on the Houston Rockets.

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One can only imagine how much he’s added to his drip game during the time away from the court. We’ll have to see what he has in store for us if/when the league returns.