Clyde Drexler lays out formula of how Rockets can win title

Clyde Drexler (Photo by Ronald Martinez/BIG3/Getty Images)
Clyde Drexler (Photo by Ronald Martinez/BIG3/Getty Images) /
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Houston Rockets
Houston Rockets Clyde Drexler (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Cisco Systems, Inc.) /

Houston Rockets: Making sense of Drexler’s comments

The Rockets are certainly small, but that’s obviously by design, as the five-out lineup created the space for Westbrook to dominate in the paint. This is because it’s simply a mismatch for opposing big men to try and contain the most athletic point guard in NBA history in Westbrook.

As it pertains to the Rockets’ ability to score points, Drexler certainly makes an accurate synopsis, as the Rockets scored 118.1 points per game on average, which was second-best in the league. But one would expect an offense that features two top-seven scorers in the same backcourt will certainly be able to score points, as The Beard and The Brodie combined for 61.9 points per game all by themselves.

When you add in the fact that the Rockets let it fly from long-range, it’s only natural for them to score points. But where Drexler was certainly spot on was in regards to the Houston Rockets’ defense, as they allowed 114.4 points per game this season, which was 22nd in the league. The Rockets finished 15th in defensive efficiency, which could present problems against the league’s top teams that Drexler mentioned.

Sure, this data is skewed, as it encompasses the entire 64 games the Rockets played, as opposed to the final 14 games in which the Rockets had all-defensive performer Robert Covington on the roster. Even if we were to quantify the Rockets’ defensive season by simply including the 14 games with RoCo, the Rockets ranked 11th in defensive efficiency and allowed 114 points per game during that stretch.

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Drexler makes valid points as it pertains to the Rockets’ chances of winning a title. The superstars in Harden and Westbrook will need to lead the charge, but the Rockets will also need to hunker down on the defensive end, especially against the league’s top teams.