Two creative trades that can land Jerami Grant on the Houston Rockets

Jerami Grant (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Jerami Grant (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /
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The Houston Rockets trade with the New York Knicks

The final step of one scenario that would secure enough salary to offer Jerami Grant a respectable contract would involve a prayer being answered by the New York Knicks. The deal would look something like this.

The Rockets would have to rely on Tom Thibodeau’s penchant for wanting veterans as well as the Knicks’ desperate need for good 3-point shooters to even entertain the idea of trading so many expiring contracts.

While Gordon is coming off a poor shooting season, he’s shown in the past he can be a knockdown shooter. The Knicks would certainly be taking a gamble on him having more nights like he did this season when he dropped 50 on the Utah Jazz.

The picks the Rockets would be throwing into the deal could be enough to sweeten the pot for a team that has made several…interesting trades in the past. Plus, I mean, they’re the Knicks. You never know.

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If Houston is able to secure such a deal with the Knicks, they could waive Bobby Portis and his $15 million off the books, as well as Wayne Ellington, who’s only owed $1 million guaranteed.  That would give the Rockets enough to offer Grant closer to what he’s worth, which is estimated to be about $14 to $16 million, according to a source in the previously mentioned Denver Post article.

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