What have the Houston Rockets lost and added in free agency?

Christian Wood of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Christian Wood of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /
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The Houston Rockets have reshaped their roster around superstars James Harden. The question is, does it make them any better?

The Houston Rockets have used this offseason to change the shape and size of their roster. The mixed results of their micro ball offense last season has led the Rockets to look to new tactics, and because of that, new players to once again vault them back into the title conversation.

The most famous players snag headlines but the difference between contenders and pretenders is in the quality of their supporting casts and how they manifest around their team’s best players. The Rockets, in order to get the right pieces around  James Harden, had to move on from key contributors.

With training camp getting up and running it’ll be important for the Rockets to understand what they’ve lost and what they have gained. Outside of a select few players, every player has strengths and weaknesses that make them better suited to certain roles than others.

The Rockets have lost players that were crucial to the effectiveness of their micro ball lineups and have instead invested in players that will help them reimagine their offense. The best-run teams don’t simply go after the best players, they go after the best players for the roles they need them to fill.

The Rockets are likely not done rounding out their roster but they’ve made most of their major additions and subtractions. Let’s first take a look at the key contributors who have departed the Rockets and see how it’ll affect the upcoming season before taking a look at their new additions.

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