Rockets: Why buying out P.J. Tucker should be out of the question

P.J. Tucker #17 of the Houston Rockets (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
P.J. Tucker #17 of the Houston Rockets (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /

Stop me If you’ve heard this before, but Houston we have a problem. The Houston Rockets have been stuck in a 14-game losing streak, marred by injuries, and have received no support from reliable veterans outside John Wall and the occasional Victor Oladipo contribution.

However, the most notable of those lackluster performing veterans is P.J. Tucker which leads me to the topic at hand. The Rockets have a dilemma. He’s averaging four points, almost five boards, one assist a game in 30 minutes per contest , but it gets worse.

He’s managed 12 games of a whopping zero points, including six in a row. And oh yeah, another 10 games with less than five. So, he’s obviously struggling, but what do the Rockets do?

They could trade him. Apparently at one point in the offseason the Minnesota Timberwolves offered Houston the 28th overall pick, but the front office declined it due to the opportunity of still building around James Harden for another run at the title. Now, flash forward to present day and James is gone with the Rockets looking to make a, “fire-sale,” according to league executives found in an article on Bleacher Report.

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Why buying out P.J. Tucker shouldn’t be an option for the Houston Rockets

If that’s the case then trading P.J. should definitely be a must. The stats don’t lie, he needs to be traded so guys like Justin Patton, KJ Martin, and Kevin Porter Jr. can get more run while also adding more assets to build for the future, which is the most important component of all of this.

Buying him out essentially means the Rockets would just lose him and get nothing in return. So Houston management, if you’re reading this, trade the man, even if for unproven, young talent.

With the whole 14-game losing streak the Rockets are currently in the midst of, it would be more sensical to lose these games in entertaining fashion playing young, cheap guys. Not to mention how the Rockets would have to eat some salary in a buyout.

Things need to change, and with the signing of Anthony Lamb, recall of Kevin Porter Jr., and signing of Mason Jones, we’re starting off on the right foot. Now, we just need to trade the P.J. Tucker’s of this roster so we can officially move forward.

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Getting rid of him is inevitable but a buyout wouldn’t be the best move.