Stephen Silas reveals Chris Paul’s unusual style of trash talking coaches

Chris Paul #3 of the Phoenix Suns (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Chris Paul #3 of the Phoenix Suns (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

Chris Paul is one of the most decorated point guards that’s ever played in the NBA, and he’s easily one of the best two-way point guards in league history. The former Houston Rockets guard has been named to 11 All-Star teams, nine All-Defensive teams, and nine All-NBA teams, including last season.

Paul has managed to play at a high level for 12 seasons, making him one of the most consistent players of the past decade, despite being not the tallest or most athletic point guards. Paul is listed as just 6-feet tall and 175 pounds, but it hasn’t been an issue, as his game is more predicated on his high IQ and basketball acumen than it is about anything else.

But part of what’s allowed Paul to last so long despite being practically the shortest man on the floor every night is his competitiveness, which has been fueled by his trash talking. Whether it’s giving Stephen Curry the shoulder shimmy during the 2018 Western Conference Finals or it’s attempting to high-five Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell after Mitchell’s missed pivotal free throw late in Wednesday night’s game, Paul isn’t hesitant to go at opposing players.

Houston Rockets coach Stephen Silas reveals Chris Paul’s hilarious method of talking trash to opposing coaches

But Paul’s trash talking isn’t just limited to players, as Houston Rockets coach Stephen Silas explained on SportsTalk 790’s The Matt Thomas Show on Wednesday.

“He’s right at the top as far as talking trash. Telling a coach it’s time for a timeout (laughs). It’s awful, it’s awful (laughs).

He hasn’t done it to me but I did notice it when I was watching film, that he did it to a few other guys.”

Silas stated that Paul is one of the best trash talkers that he’s ever seen, while further explaining what makes Paul qualified to throw verbal jabs at opponents.

“There are very few guys who can actually back it up and he’s been doing it for a long time. He’s one of those guys that you’d probably love to have on your team but when he’s on the opponent’s team you probably don’t love him too much.”

Paul is viewed as one of the best leaders in the league, as he’s played on four teams in the last decade and has not only made the playoffs for ten consecutive seasons, but has also increased the team’s winning percentage on every team he’s ever played for.

When Chris Paul goes to a new team, that team gets better.

HornetsBefore CP — .220 W%After CP — .463 W%

ClippersBefore CP — .390After CP — .606

RocketsBefore CP — .671After CP — .793

ThunderBefore CP — .598After CP — .611

SunsBefore CP — .466After CP — .720

— StatMuse (@statmuse) April 8, 2021

Paul’s Phoenix Suns are currently second in the Western Conference and have been led by his leadership and his stellar play this season, as he’s averaging 16 points, 8.8 assists, and 4.7 rebounds, while shooting 49.2 percent from the floor, 37 percent from long-range. Paul’s Suns just defeated the aforementioned Utah Jazz, who hold the top seed in the West, on Wednesday night and have looked like a legitimate contender this season after missing the playoffs in 2019-20.

The Suns will go as far as Paul and Devin Booker can carry them, which will hopefully be very far, as that will give us more opportunities to witness Paul’s uncanny trash talk.

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