3 Rockets who aren't living up to expectations thus far

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers
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The Houston Rockets sit eighth in the Western Conference, which is tremendously better than expected, although Rockets coach Ime Udoka clearly doesn't want to hear that. The Rockets have battled injuries to key players and have still posted a 17-15 record, while looking like a team that could be a key contender, if they're able to address a few positional needs on the roster.

Alperen Sengun could potentially be on his way to the first All-Star appearance of his career (based on the early All-Star voting results), and Dillon Brooks and Fred VanVleet have been much needed additions to the ball club, not to mention the aforementioned Udoka, who has morphed the Rockets into a top-three defensive unit.

3 players who have been disappointments for the Rockets thus far.

Not all has been perfect, however, as the Rockets are quite light on assets, which would impede their ability to make significant upgrades at the deadline, without sacrificing valuable draft capital. The Rockets are also receiving below average play from several players on the roster, including both role players and expected star players.

Let's take a look at three players who are not living up to expectations thus far and must play better for the Rockets.