3 ways Lakers superfan was way off with embarrassing Rockets claim

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2. The Rockets had no interest in Rui Hachimura

Although the post stated that the Rockets wanted Rui Hachimura, that couldn't be further from the truth. Anyone who follows the team can attest that there was never any mention of the franchise making a run at Hachimura.

The Rockets did want a wing, but it was Dillon Brooks, not Hachimura. And if you wanted to criticize their interest in Brooks, that would even be fair.

In fact, Lakers newcomer Taurean Prince seemingly did, although his jab was at the dollar amount that Brooks is slated to receive. Rockets coach Ime Udoka prides himself on being a defensive-minded coach so he wanted players that are elite on that are known to be stellar defenders.

Hence the interest in Brook Lopez, who finished second in the 2023 Defensive Player of the Year vote. This is also part of why Udoka and the Rockets decided to pass on James Harden, in spite of the rumors connecting the two all year.

The Rockets wanted Brooks, who is significantly better on the defensive end than Hachimura. There was never any interest in Hachimura from the Rockets.