Bleacher Report redeems themselves with better Rockets proposal

Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors
Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors / Andrew Lahodynskyj/GettyImages

Earlier in the week, Bleacher Report made a ludicrous suggestion regarding the Houston Rockets, which we dissected and slandered them for, and rightfully so. The prominent sports publication stated that the Rockets should make a trade for Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young, which doesn't make sense for a number of reasons.

The latest idea from Bleacher Report centers around the Rockets making a trade for Toronto Raptors star forward Pascal Siakam, in exchange for Jabari Smith Jr., Kevin Porter Jr., Jae'Sean Tate, and the Rockets' 2023 first-round pick, by way of the LA Clippers, which was acquired in the Eric Gordon trade.

Although the initial idea regarding Ice Trae was foolish, this suggestion is much better. It essentially means the Rockets would be getting rid of Smith Jr., the promising forward who concluded his rookie season, KPJ (who likely has minimal value around the league), and Tate, who they should be looking to part with anyways.

Bleacher Report redeems themselves with improved Rockets proposal

And what about what the Rockets would get back from Toronto? On the surface it seems like the Rockets may not be getting enough in return, but they'd be landing the best player in the deal, and the team that acquires the best player in a trade usually wins the deal.

In Siakam, the Rockets, a team seeking to go star-hunting, would land a two-time All-Star, two-time All-NBA member, and NBA champion, who is just 29-years-old. Granted, the Rockets would have to reach a long-term deal with Siakam, who has just one year left on his deal at $37.8 million in 2023-24. Otherwise, it would be foolish for the Rockets to deal Smith Jr., who is a rising star.

Siakam is coming off a season in which he averaged 24.2 points, 7.8 rebounds, 5.8 assists, and shot 48 percent from the field, which represents the type of star the Rockets would be hoping to add. And with $60 million in cap space, the franchise would have the ability to acquire Siakam and dish out a new deal.

Good job Bleacher Report. This is much better.