Colin Cowherd baptizes Pistons, drops mic on Rockets back-and-forth

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Heading into the last leg of the NBA's Las Vegas Summer League, Houston Rockets rising star Jalen Green delivered the quote heard 'round the world, regarding the city of Detroit. The larger-than-life rookie made sure to clarify his burning desire towards being drafted first overall by the Detroit Pistons, stating that it had nothing to do with actually wanting to be in Detroit.

Green's comments drew the ire of the Detroit faithful, although Jalen Rose, one of the more prominent Detroit media members, took no issue with Green's comments, acknowledging that it was all business.

Rose's former ESPN colleague and current FS1 analyst Colin Cowherd baptized the Pistons franchise and dropped the mic on the back-and-forth that had taken place between Pistons and Rockets fans on FS1's The Herd with Colin Cowherd (cover your eyes and hide your kids Pistons fans).

FS1's Colin Cowherd baptizes Pistons, sides with Houston Rockets' Jalen Green

"Some people are pushing back and they're thinking, 'You know, you should just be happy where you go.' And I've said this before: in pro sports, where you land matters.

Not only have the Pistons been bad for the last 13 years, they've had 8 coaches and 4 GMs, Cleveland Browns-like in the '90s. Houston's last 13 years: lots of wins, lots of playoffs, lots of points, lots of stars, lots of games.

8 straight playoff appearances for Houston prior to last year. Houston is where stars historically have gone in free agency; players like playing in Houston. Houston has good capitalization, they're well capitalized as a team.

They are rebuilding now, which everybody has a right to rebuild. The Lakers went through a five-year rebuild. The Rockets certainly deserve 3 or 4 years to rebuild. 

But I've said this before, let's keep it 100. Detroit's last 3 playoff appearances: swept three straight times. They have not been a viable franchise for a decade and a half.

In fact, when you say Pistons, the thing most of us have been thinking in the last couple of weeks is the
Malice in the Palace: a fight.

So, it's a bad franchise. Maybe the new guys running it are good, but I don't blame Jalen Green."

Tell us how you really feel Colin, Lord have mercy. In fact, cue Nas's 'Ether' while you're at it.

If anyone took issue with Green's comments, they definitely don't want the smoke with Cowherd, who took it much further than the 19-year-old swag champion.

Cowherd's brutal assessment of the Pistons makes one wonder if they once passed on him also, much like they did Green. But overall, this Rockets-Pistons back-and-forth isn't something that anyone should expect to end anytime soon, unless they approach Cowherd about it and he baptizes the franchise in the holy water yet again.

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