Rockets: Detroit-native Jalen Rose responds to Jalen Green's Detroit comments

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Houston Rockets rookie Jalen Green came under fire for his comments about the city of Detroit on Monday, when he was openly speaking with Yahoo Sports' Chris Haynes about why he was infatuated with being selected first overall. Many have used Green's comments as a slight against him and/or have sought a deeper negative meaning behind Green's words.

Others, like FS1's Skip Bayless, have expressed an even greater appreciation for Green for being fueled by being passed on by the Detroit Pistons. Green's comments ignited a Twitter sparring between Rockets Twitter and Pistons Twitter, with each side revealing their pride with their city.

Jalen Rose claps back at Houston Rockets rookie Jalen Green's Detroit comments

On Tuesday, Detroit-native, Michigan Fab Five member, and 13-year NBA veteran Jalen Rose clapped back at Green's comments on ESPN's Jalen and Jacoby, while also reminding everyone that Green's comments weren't an attack on the city.

"If you think I'm going to come on this show and blast the namesake, he's going to have to do alot more than that. He's a terrific talent, he has a great personality, and he has a flair for the dramatic.

You and I know what this is. This is competitive jealousy that he didn't go number one overall. Going into the draft process he said out of his mouth that he would love to be a Piston, go number one, and live in Detroit.

Well Detroit took Cade Cunningham. So now he's creating a rivalry with Cade Cunningham, who just so happened to get drafted by Detroit. I don't know how many times he's been there to say that there's nowhere to hang out.

But news flash: there's places to hang out everywhere when you've got millions of dollars ladies and gentlemen. This is just really one of those things when you look back at his career, if he becomes what I believe he can become, because I believe he's got All-NBA special type of talent, we'll look at this like we look at MJ, like we look at Kobe, and we'll say, 'he took that slight of not being number one or not getting chosen to Cade Cunningham as motivation to fuel his fire.'

That's really all this is. It's not about Detroit, they just so happened to be the team with the number one overall pick."

Rose has served as ESPN's voice of reason more often than not, and these comments serve as an example of why. The reality is that there wasn't anything personal about what Green said regarding the city of Detroit. And he isn't from there so there's no reason why he should be expected to have an allegiance to a city that he has no ties to.

But if he went to the Pistons he would have proudly been the president of the Detroit Fan Club, whether he liked the city or not. In other words, it was all about his individual basketball career. Shout out to Rose for pointing this out.

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