Former Houston Rockets legend makes dubious claim about tenure with team

Did Daryl Morey hold a Houston Rockets legend back?
Did Daryl Morey hold a Houston Rockets legend back? / Bob Levey/GettyImages

Revisionist history clouds our perception of reality. We'd all like to control the narrative. We shouldn't seek to control it at the expense of the truth.

Yet, we've probably all been guilty of practicing revisionist history at times. No, that isn't why we broke up: this is why we broke up. It had nothing to do with my flaws.

Recently, a former Houston Rockets legend has been engaging in some revisionist history. Dwight Howard has some thoughts on why his partnership with James Harden was (relatively) unsuccessful.

It seems that it had nothing to do with him.

Former Houston Rockets legend claims he was ousted

"I think Daryl didn't really like me and James together for some odd reason because I was always known as a dynamic roller in the pick-and-roll with whoever guard it was. So when I got to Houston, it wasn't no pick-and-roll with me and James anymore."

Dwight Howard

This is interesting. Luckily for Howard, we have a means of verifying his claim. As it turns out, it may have some validity.

In 2015-16, the Rockets ran the fewest pick-and-rolls per game resulting in a field goal attempt for the roll man (4.8). We can't comment on Howard's other seasons with the team - that's as far back as the stats go.

Still, there is at least some evidence that the Rockets didn't want to use Howard as a regular pick-and-roll partner for Harden. It's also worth noting that in the very next season, the Rockets ranked fifth in pick-and-rolls that led to a field goal for the roller (8.5).

Yet, we also have to note that the Rockets changed coaches between seasons. Mike D'Antoni is perhaps the most pick-and-roll focused head coach in NBA history. Was it Morey holding Howard back, or was it Kevin McHale?

Or, was it Howard himself?

Former Houston Rockets legend seemed to want post touches

This is where we're questioning the legitimacy of Howard's claims.

At that time, all the buzz suggested that Howard wasn't content to function as a lob man. It was said that he wanted more post-up possessions.

Howard effectively said as much. He said he wanted the ball more in Houston. We can only assume he wasn't looking to handle the ball in pick-and-roll sets - Howard wanted the ball in the post.

That's concerning, given he led the NBA in post touches in 2015-16. It feels unlikely that Daryl Morey didn't want Howard to finish pick-and-rolls. He went on to hire a pick-and-roll wizard to coach his team and happily started a big man who did nothing else on offense for years after Howard in Clint Capela.

Howard is entitled to his version of history, of course.