Former NBA legends sound off on state of Houston Rockets

Does Houston Rockets' Jalen Green have the "it factor"?
Does Houston Rockets' Jalen Green have the "it factor"? / Tim Warner/GettyImages

Does playing basketball at a high level give you a more informed opinion about basketball?

It's a matter of debate. Some will say that retired NBA stars are the ultimate authority of the game. Others will say that they've got a biased view of the sport.

Realistically, it depends on which star we're discussing. For example, Gilbert Arenas has made a lot of noise with some of his opinions. That noise isn't always positive.

Recently, he and Kenyon Martin shared some opinions about the Houston Rockets.

NBA legends discuss Houston Rockets

In fact, this pair of legends had a lot to say about the Rockets. Unsurprisingly, some of it rang truer than the rest of it.

"FVV holds the ball too much...Alperen Sengun and Jalen Green need to be featured more"

Kenyon Martin Sr.

That's an illuminating quote. There's at least a kernel of truth in it. VanVleet isn't a selfish player - that wouldn't be a fair charge. Still, it's reasonable to suggest that eventually, the Rockets will need to ween off of his offense if they're going to develop their young core.

Arenas and Martin didn't strictly comment on VanVleet. They had ample words for the younger players on this team as well.

NBA legends share views on Houston Rockets young core

The two retirees had a lot to say about Jalen Green. Let's start there.

"Of course you've got to pay Jalen Green...he has the it factor"

Gilbert Arenas

Some Rockets fans will bristle at this statement. Green was disappointing for long stretches of 2023-24. Why would they pay him? Well, according to Arenas, work ethic has something to do with it.

"He's at the district right now going hard. He works"

Gilbert Arenas

That should be music to the ears of any Rockets fan. Was Green the only young scorer that was mentioned during this podcast?

"I like Whitmore, but he's probably on the wrong team"

Gilbert Arenas


The duo went on to elaborate on how the Rockets may have accumulated too much young talent. There's some validity there - the Rockets will eventually have to finalize their pecking order - but we'd argue that that's a rich person's problem.

At least, that's our view -

For what it's worth, we were never in the NBA.