Grade the Trade: Rockets flip Jae'Sean Tate for sharpshooter in new proposal

Could the Houston Rockets trade Jae'Sean Tate this summer?
Could the Houston Rockets trade Jae'Sean Tate this summer? / Tim Warner/GettyImages

We're back, baby!

We're grading another trade proposal for the Houston Rockets. It's been a while, hasn't it?

For a while, the proposals came in droves. Everyone had an idea to improve the Rockets. Lately, it seems like the rumors have dulled down. The summer has screeched to a halt, and the Rockets are suddenly out of the rumor mill.

So: thank you, Bleacher Report. They just published a piece proposing a trade for every team in the league.

What do they have in mind for the Rockets?

Houston Rockets land sharpshooter in recent proposal

Let's take a look.


That's not bad. It's logically consistent. The Rockets need shooting, and Kispert is a comfortably better shooter than Tate.

Specifically, Kispert has knocked down 38.8% of his 5.1 three-point attempts per game over the first three seasons of his NBA career. Tate has knocked down just 30.6% of his 2.1 attempts per game. This deal would make the Rockets a better team.

It makes sense for the Wizards as well. Kispert is only 25, but the rebuilding Wizards should covet a top-10 protected first-round pick over his services. So, this is the perfect deal:

Isn't it?

Houston Rockets should preserve their assets

We wouldn't go that far.

Yes, this is a sensible proposal for both teams. If we were Rockets GM Rafael Stone, we wouldn't do it.

The Rockets just made a trade that increased their quantity of future first-round picks. Surely, they didn't make that deal to send their assets out piecemeal for quality role players like Kispert. The Rockets want a star.

If they did this deal, they'll have a harder time trading for that star. So, for the time being, it's more sensible for the Rockets to hang onto their assets until the right star becomes available.

Still, we do appreciate Bleacher Report for giving us a trade to grade.

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Grade: B-