Historical comparisons for every member of the Houston Rockets' "core six"

What does the future hold for the Houston Rockets' Amen Thompson?
What does the future hold for the Houston Rockets' Amen Thompson? / Tim Warner/GettyImages
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It's been said that comparison is the thief of joy. That can be true. Still, in the right context, we'd argue that comparison can be a source of joy.

For example, we like comparing NBA players to former players. It's fun. Is it particularly useful or instructive?

We're unsure. Some draft analysts hate player comparisons. They'll argue that they're lazy and reductive. They're probably right.

They also don't sound like someone we'd invite to our birthday party. Player comparisons are fun! Still, to make them more useful, we're giving a floor, median, and ceiling comparison for every member of the Rockets' core six. Hopefully, giving a range of potential comparisons makes this exercise a little more worthwhile.

It's still not scientific. We're not trying to make projections based on statistical trends here. We're simply looking at each player's style and attributes and comparing them to other players.

Try to have fun reading it.

Cam Whitmore

A scorer who doesn't pass. Hmm. Have there been any of those players in NBA history?

We joke - there have been plenty. Most of them don't go on to be true superstars. With that said, there are exceptions to every rule.

Whitmore could be an exception. He could also develop his passing ability. Still, if he's an efficient enough scorer, he may be able to overcome his shortcomings and be a star anyway.

Floor: Michael Beasley

Median: Cory Maggette

Ceiling: Jaylen Brown