Houston Rockets' Alperen Sengun makes bold proclamation on social media

Houston Rockets star Alperen Sengun wants the team to achieve great things in 2024-25
Houston Rockets star Alperen Sengun wants the team to achieve great things in 2024-25 / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

Success can be difficult to quantify. What qualifies as a success to you may look like failure in the eyes of another. Look at the 2023-24 Houston Rockets.

In the eyes of most, they had a successful season. After three years near the bottom of the NBA's standings, the Rockets finished .500. Sure, they missed the play-in tournament. Given the standard they'd set over three seasons, that didn't count as a failure for most.

It seems that star big man Alperen Sengun is an exception.

Houston Rockets star wants to raise the bar

Recently, he took to social media to make a vow. Sengun has lofty ambitions for the 2024-25 season.

"This past season we have improved a lot as a Houston Rockets family and I’m proud of that, but it’s not enough for us. Next season we will fight until the last moment for even greater achievements."

Alperen Sengun

We love the attitude. Sengun wants to lead the Rockets to the playoffs. What more could you want from one of your young cornerstones?

Is he being realistic?

Houston Rockets should be poised for another leap


Don't be a pessimistic - it's not endearing. It doesn't make you the smartest person in the room.

Sure, there's some value in being realistic. Here's the rub - the Rockets have a realistic chance of improving in 2024-25.

Above all else, internal growth should aid the Rockets. Sengun will be heading into his fourth NBA season, as will teammate Jalen Green. This is a time in an NBA player's career when improvement is an expectation.

Meanwhile, the Rockets will be making roster additions. Tari Eason was one of their most impactful players as a rookie in 2022-23. He missed the majority of his sophomore season. The Rockets are expecting him back in full force next year.

They'll also be welcoming Steven Adams. Finally, the Rockets will either add a lottery pick or a player they acquired for that pick. Either way, this roster should be better in multiple ways next season.

If nothing else, we know Alperen Sengun agrees.