Houston Rockets' Jalen Green receives high praise from NBA superstar

According to one NBA superstar, Jalen Green of the Houston Rockets is earning respect.
According to one NBA superstar, Jalen Green of the Houston Rockets is earning respect. / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

The NBA is more than a professional sports league. It's a fraternity. Players around the league have stronger bonds than they ever have before.

It's the player empowerment era. Some older fans yearn for a day where players didn't have relationships unless they shared a team. Those days are gone. These guys grew up together, and social media keeps them connected.

Sometimes, that means mentorship. For a young team like the Houston Rockets, that's a benefit. Recently, one of Jalen Green's mentors stepped up to give him some well-deserved props.

NBA superstar has high praise for Houston Rockets' Jalen Green

If you haven't noticed, Jalen Green has recently seen some formidable defensive coverages. Whenever he gets the ball, he sees a pair of defenders. Kyrie Irving of the Dallas Mavericks says that's a compliment.

This is an age-old standard in the NBA. If you're receiving double teams, the opposing team is planning around your abilities. Green has earned the respect of opposing coaching staffs.

Is that the only reason he's getting double teamed?

Houston Rockets opponents trying to force mistakes


Let's be honest - after all, numbers don't lie. Jalen Green is averaging 4.3 turnovers per game over four games in April.

It doesn't seem like spring has sprung for Green. He's having a rough month in general. Green is averaging 20.3 points per game in April, shooting 38.8% from the field and 25.7% from long range. Yikes.

The double teams are working. Green still needs to improve his decision-making in those situations. Moreover, it's particularly easy for teams to send aggressive coverages at Green at the moment.

The Rockets are missing Alperen Sengun. Opponents are partially double teaming Green because no other Rocket merits a double team. WIthout Sengun's offensive gravity, Green is the center of attention.

None of which discredits Irving's praise. Sure, Green has been stymied by the double teams. If he wasn't a threat to score, he wouldn't see that coverage in the first place.

He must be pleased to see his big fraternity brother recognize his talents.