Houston Rockets projected depth chart for 2024-25 season

Where will Amen Thompson fit into the Houston Rockets' 2024-25 rotation?
Where will Amen Thompson fit into the Houston Rockets' 2024-25 rotation? / Tim Warner/GettyImages

The Houston Rockets have had a strong offseason.

They have yet to make the statement that some thought they would. Somehow, Kevin Durant remains a member of the Phoenix Suns. The Rockets didn't trade for him, or any NBA superstar.

They've still made sound decisions. Drafting Reed Sheppard was the first step toward addressing the team's shooting deficit. Acquiring AJ Griffin from the Atlanta Hawks was the next step.

Will the Rockets make any more major moves? We're not sure. It seems like this organization wants to get more data on the group they have. Any blockbuster consolidation trades seem likely to wait until next summer if they come at all.

What should we expect the rotation to look like in 2024-25?

Houston Rockets projected depth chart

PG: Fred VanVleet/Amen Thompson/Aaron Holiday
SG: Jalen Green/Reed Sheppard/Cam Whitmore
SF: Dillon Brooks/Cam Whitmore/Tari Eason
PF: Jabari Smith Jr./Tari Eason/Amen Thompson
C: Alperen Sengun/Steven Adams/Jabari Smith Jr.

Let's address some caveats.

This is a 11-man rotation. You'll notice that some players are listed at two different positions. Such is the luxury of having so many multi-positional players.

Yes, 11 is a lot. We're expecting Ime Udoka to run a deep rotation to begin the year. After some internal competition, the Rockets will likely widdle this group down for a more conventional 9 or 10.

What storylines should we be looking out for as the season proceeds?

Houston Rockets rotation is far from solidified

There are a handful of positional battles to monitor with the Rockets.

Can Reed Sheppard usurp Jalen Green in the starting lineup as a rookie? That may sound like a longshot, but it's not far-fetched to wonder if Sheppard will shoot better from long-range than Green in 2024-25. It's possible that his superior floor spacing will make the rest of the starting lineup more functionally viable. Otherwise, we're assuming Sheppard can at least render Aaron Holiday expendable in time.

On the other hand, the Rockets could get some extra spacing at the 5. We'll be paying attention to lineups featuring Smith Jr. at the 5. If those lineups look as overwhelming as they did this March, the Rockets could think twice about Sengun long-term.

That extra spacing could help Amen Thompson take a leap. Could he overcome Fred VanVleet in the starting lineup this year? Or, will Thompson again look like a wing in 2024-25? His primary position could give us a hint about how the Rockets view him moving forward.

Finally, Rockets fans will be excited to welcome Tari Eason back. Could he prove himself more valuable than Smith Jr? Will Smith Jr. make strides? These are the questions will be asking throughout the 2024-25 season:

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Here's hoping it's a strong one.