Popular NBA voice gets flamed for tone-deaf take regarding Rockets' Kevin Porter Jr.

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Kevin Porter Jr.'s domestic violence incident is easily one of the most gruesome incidents that have ever taken place outside of the playing surface in all of sports. Porter is accused of striking his long-time girlfriend, former WNBA star Kysre Gondrezick, multiple times, in addition to putting his hands around her neck and choking her in a hotel room in Manhattan.

Porter has been charged with third-degree assault, second-degree assault, and strangulation in the second-degree- all of which are felonies. Porter's NBA career is surely over, as he's lost the privilege of donning an NBA uniform.

If Porter is guilty of what he's accused of, he doesn't deserve to even be placed on the Commissioner's List. According to witnesses, Porter's victim ran in the hallway covered in blood, screaming for help.

We're talking about truly heart-breaking stuff. It's sick.

There's no way to defend it.

The Rockets desperately want him off their team and they aren't able to release him, as the NBA's Collective Bargaining Agreement prohibits teams from taking immediate action while an NBA investigation is underway. And NBA commissioner Adam Silver stated that he's in no rush to act immediately on the matter, so the Rockets are forced to wait on him and his team to act.

For this reason, the Rockets are trying to trade Porter, since they can't release him.

This isn't hard to understand. Or at least it shouldn't be.

At least that's what I thought. But boy was I wrong.

Prominent NBA voice gets rightfully smoked by NBA Twitter regarding Kevin Porter Jr. take

If you follow the NBA, you're likely familiar with the Twitter account "Legend of Winning", as he had 400,000 followers on Twitter and has a fairly popular YouTube channel. Hell, he even got Kevin Durant to join a Twitter Spaces that was hosted by him.

In other words, he's pretty popular. And he should know better.

Using a savage and grizzly beating as a "gotcha moment" is despicable. If you're seeking to illustrate an endorsement for player empowerment, there are much better examples.

Tons. NBA Twitter let him hear it, too. And rightfully so.

I also couldn't believe what I was reading.

Again, if the goal was to speak in favor of player empowerment, there couldn't be a worse example. Kevin Porter Jr. doesn't deserve to be able to control his fate.

Thankfully, he got smoked by NBA Twitter.