Prominent NBA Analyst is hearing wild rumors about the Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets have been linked to Mikal Bridges - again.
The Houston Rockets have been linked to Mikal Bridges - again. / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Believe half of what you see - and none of what you hear.

It's an interesting phrase in 2024. In the age of digital print, seeing and hearing are practically interchangeable.

Anyway, we're not here to wax philosophy. We're here to discuss the Houston Rockets. We've been hearing - and seeing - a lot of rumors about them recently.

So has Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer

Ringer analyst hearing hot rumors about Houston Rockets

The Ringer just put out their newest mock draft. They had the Rockets selecting UConn big man Donovan Clingan. That said, the Rockets could be making that selection on someone else's behalf.

"League sources say the Rockets have had conversation with the Grizzlies about trading down from this pick, and that the Rockets hold out hope that the Nets would be willing to move Mikal Bridges for it."

Kevin O'Connor, The Ringer

These are two different rumors. They're both interesting.

Let's break them both down.

Should Houston Rockets trade down with Grizzlies?

Let's be clear - none of this is groundbreaking. We've discussed each of these possibilities.

Still, a trade down with Memphis feels like an obvious move. Having sent Adams to the Rockets, it feels likely that they covet Clingan. With Alperen Sengun on the roster, the Rockets may not be able to offer Clingan a clear path to stardom.

So, the Rockets have something that the Grizzlies need. Why not make a deal? The Rockets could trade down from 3 to 9, pick up an asset and still bring a talented young player into the fold.

In what's perceived to be a weak draft, that makes significant sense. The top of this draft is seen as "flat" - the Rockets could easily prefer a player who's going to be available with Memphis' 9th pick as much as they like anybody who will be on the board at 3.

Should the Rockets trade out of the draft altogether?

Should Houston Rockets trade for Bridges?

We've certainly been over this.

Let's summarize (again): the Rockets should send the Nets (some of) their draft capital back in exchange for Bridges. In doing so, they could weaken the Nets ahead of a stronger draft.

They'd also be nabbing a high-quality player in Bridges. The Rockets shouldn't rush into any trade for him, but if the deal is right, there could be numerous benefits in making a deal with the Nets. In some respects, this feels like a fait accompli:

But don't believe it until you see it.