Ranking 11 Rockets rumored trade targets from least to most realistic

Boston Celtics v Atlanta Hawks - Game Three
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AJ Griffin: Highly likely

AJ Griffin hasn't been able to get minutes since Quin Snyder’s arrival in Atlanta, despite showing promise as a stellar shooter in his rookie season. Snyder made 39 percent of his triples last season but is playing just 7.3 minutes this season. 

Atlanta would be wise to deal him for whatever they can get, as he clearly doesn't factor into their future. They also aren't in a position to negotiate or set a high asking price, as they've tanked Griffin’s value.

The Rockets could easily acquire Griffin with a second-round draft pick, of which they have five through 2027. Griffin presents a very realistic avenue for the Rockets to address their long-range shooting woes.

Alec Burks: Realistic

The Detroit Pistons' season has essentially been over since Thanksgiving, despite their gargantuan contract to Monty Williams in the offseason ($78.5 million over six years). The Pistons' sole focus should be on the development of their young guns (Jalen Duren, Cade Cunningham, Jaden Ivey), which makes their vets highly expendable. 

Alec Burks is one of those vets who should be shipped off, as he's a good 3-point shooter (39.2 percent from deep in 2023-24 and 38.5 percent for his career). Burks shot 40 percent or better in each of the last three seasons and could net the Pistons future draft capital. 

The Rockets could acquire Burks at the cost of second-round draft capital (either one pick or two picks) and could rely on him to improve their 26th-ranked 3-point percentage.