Ranking 11 Rockets rumored trade targets from least to most realistic

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Mikal Bridges: Not happening

The Rockets made an all-out pursuit for Mikal Bridges, to no avail. The Nets are determined to hold on to the 27-year-old forward, as they've rejected inquiries from multiple other teams as well.

At one point, it seemed they were just trying to squeeze the Rockets out of all of their assets and that this was just going to be a matter of who would blink first. Which is par for the course in negotiations. 

However, they reportedly weren't moved with an offer of Jalen Green and their own original draft picks, which are very valuable, due to the Nets' surefire rebuild. In other words, Bridges is unavailable, not just for the Rockets, but for the rest of the league too.

Andre Drummond: Not happening

Prior to making the deal with the Memphis Grizzlies for Steven Adams, the Rockets considered contacting the Bulls regarding center Andre Drummond. The 30-year-old center is still an elite rebounder (8.3 rebounds in 15.8 minutes) and would give the Rockets a legitimate reserve big man, which would end the Jeff Green experiment as a makeshift center.

However, Drummond has registered interest around the league and the Rockets won't be shelling out significant draft capital for someone on an expiring deal.