Ranking 6 prospects the Houston Rockets are likely to select in 2024 NBA draft

Could Reed Sheppard join the Houston Rockets this summer?
Could Reed Sheppard join the Houston Rockets this summer? / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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The NBA draft is less predictable than it used to be.

That's because the league flattened the draft's odds. Finishing with the worst record in the league used to give you a much stronger chance of landing a top pick. Now, teams on the lower end of the lottery have a better chance of shooting up the board.

That's good news for the Houston Rockets. They own the Brooklyn Nets' pick in the upcoming draft. If the season ended today, that pick would have a 20.3% chance of landing in the top-4 and a 4.5% chance of landing first overall.

So you're telling me there's a chance?

Still, that chance is slim. The Rockets are more likely to draft somewhere between seventh and ninth. Fans of the organization ought to be looking at prospects in that range if they want to get excited about some young talent.

Here's our ranking of six prospects who routinely land in that range in mock drafts.

6. Stephon Castle, UConn

Meanwhile, this draft is especially unpredictable. With a distinct lack of star power, we see prospects mocked all over the place. Castle has an especially wide berth.

After all, this is a 6'6" guard/wing who has impressive defensive tools. Castle is also a capable ball-handler who can leverage solid athleticism to drive to the hole. What's not to like?

The shooting. Castle shot 26.7% from long-range this year. For a Rockets team that's already trying to accommodate Alperen Sengun, Jalen Green, and Amen Thompson, that's a problem.

The Rockets could still justify selecting Castle. If they think he's got the highest upside on the board, he may be their guy. Still, for a team with win-now aspirations, it could make more sense to select a player who fits with the rest of their core.