Rockets: 5 realistic trades involving Kevin Porter Jr.

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There's a dark cloud hovering over the Houston Rockets franchise and they won't be able to do anything to change it. Actually, I lied. There's a dark cloud hovering over the entire league.

And it's all because of Kevin Porter Jr., the soon-to-be former Rockets guard.

Porter allegedly attacked 26-year-old Kysre Gondrezick over the weekend, and there's a preponderance of evidence of the savage and gruesome beating.

Porter's NBA career is surely over and he has himself to blame. The Rockets have made it clear that he won't ever be suiting up for them anymore and they've been canvassing the league for a trade partner, in an attempt to rid themselves of his contract expeditiously. 

Many have been clamoring for the Rockets to release Porter outright, however the league prohibits them from doing so, as there is an active investigation underway.

5 deals for the Rockets to consider involving Kevin Porter Jr.

The Rockets are even willing to include draft capital to sweeten the offer, but even that will prove to be difficult, for several reasons. For starters, no team will want to deal with the backlash of trading for Porter, even if does give them the ability to land additional draft picks.

Granted, Porter will be released immediately after a trade is finalized, as he's not worthy or deserving of ever wearing an NBA uniform again. But good luck selling a team on getting rid of a contributing player for Porter, who will never take the court for them. 

And especially if all you're offering is second-round draft picks. But let's say there is a deal to be made across the league.

Which players could the Rockets nab with this offer? Let's take a look at several potential deals that could be on the table for the Rockets.

(I'd like to emphasize that Porter would not actually take the court for any of these teams, as he'd be released immediately after being dealt in each of these trade proposals).