Rockets deliver important message to generational draft prospect

2023 NBA Draft Combine
2023 NBA Draft Combine / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

Why aren't the Rockets doing all they can to take G-League Ignite point guard Scoot Henderson in the draft? Do they not know how great of a prospect he is?

These are the questions that have permeated throughout Rockets Twitter and especially Rockets Draft Twitter, as many of the more knowledgeable basketball minds in that faction have noted Henderson's glove-in fit alongside Rockets rising star Jalen Green. Granted, it doesn't take an expert to note the talent and generational ability of Henderson, who would be the first pick in this year's draft were it not for Victor Wembanyama.

Rockets deliver important message to generational draft prospect

To be fair, there hasn't been any talk regarding the Rockets' attempts of moving up from their current pick (number four) to the second pick, where it's believed that Henderson will be selected. Part of that could be because the Rockets likely don't have much to offer the Charlotte Hornets, who hold the second pick, and especially with rumors swirling that the franchise is seeking a mansion, robe, and crown for the pick (which the Rockets also don't have).

The other potential reason is because the Rockets haven't even been able to get a meeting with Henderson, who has rejected their overtures thus far, and understandably so, considering the fact that he probably knows he won't be falling past the second or third pick. The Rockets obviously would select Henderson regardless of whether he grants them a meeting, much like they did in the 2022 NBA Draft when they selected Jabari Smith Jr.

But in spite of Henderson seemingly rejecting the Rockets, the franchise has shown persistence in their pursuit of the star guard and has been unmoved by the rejection. At least according to Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports.

"The Rockets have also attempted to bring G League Ignite guard Scoot Henderson to Houston for a pre-draft visit, according to a source with knowledge of the situation, albeit so far to no success."

The Rockets have continued their attempts of luring the floor general to grant them a visit, even after it was reported that he wasn't going to, which is a good practice. If, for some reason, Henderson falls to number four or winds up in Houston, he'll certainly feel wanted, as he'd know the Rockets really wanted him and went after him as aggressively as they could.

In this regard, the Rockets have delivered an important message to Henderson: we want

It remains to be seen whether the Rockets will have a shot at Henderson, as Fischer also reported that the Portland Trail Blazers, who hold the third pick, aren't interested in anything the Rockets have to offer. This could be why the Rockets have seemingly settled on landing Overtime Elite floor general Amen Thompson with the fourth overall pick, but their repeated attempts at Henderson should draw the attention of the fanbase and inspire confidence, if nothing else.