Rockets fans react to cheap shot insult by well-renowned analyst

Atlanta Hawks v Houston Rockets
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Houston Rockets rising star Jalen Green has been the subject of constant slights. Perhaps scrutiny is the better term. Or slander - you pick.

Green has been repeatedly left off lists that he should clearly be on, which exposes the bias that many of the NBA's writers have against him. Green has even faced ridicule for non-basketball-related things he has done as a teenager.

On the court, Green's potential has been made clear. At this stage of his career, he's already fulfilled his pre-draft comparisons of Devin Booker and Bradley Beal, who have both been All-Stars. Green just wrapped up his second season and averaged more points than Beal's second season (22.1 points to 17.1 points) and posted better efficiency than both Beal and Booker in their second seasons.

Green has already entrenched himself in the company of the game's greats.

In spite of that, some people feel the need to take unabashed shots at Green. Case in point, Matt Moore of the Action Network.

Moore was giving Rockets incoming rookie Amen Thompson praise after witnessing his Summer League debut in which he left many in awe after outplaying Scoot Henderson, who has been viewed as a can't-miss prospect. But although Moore was finally doling out optimism, he had to slide in a cheap shot at Green. Take a look at the quote for yourself.

“I’m gonna need Jalen Green to show me that he can do things like go an entire game without pulling up from 38 feet with 19 on the shot clock.”

Rockets fans react to cheap shot insult by well-renowned analyst

This isn't a matter of Green being too good for criticism, as there are very valid things to pinpoint as weaknesses in Green's game (shooting inefficiency being at the top of the list). But Moore's specific concern is unwarranted and Rockets Twitter let him have it (rightfully so).

Moore noticed the criticism he was receiving for his comments and tried to fight back by saying he's watched an extensive amount of Rockets basketball (even though his specific piece of criticism suggests otherwise).

Moore had already gotten the attention of Rockets Twitter so this reply wasn't going to suffice.

Ultimately Moore surrendered and pivoted.

Perhaps Matt should be more mindful of who he's taking shots at. Or maybe he could just be more informed.

We'll see if he's learned his lesson.