Rockets forward Dillon Brooks takes shot at Memphis Grizzlies

Spain v Canada - International Friendly
Spain v Canada - International Friendly / Quality Sport Images/GettyImages

In many respects. Houston Rockets forward Dillon Brooks became the scapegoat by the national media for the Memphis Grizzlies' inability to deliver in the postseason. Hell, the Grizzlies scapegoated him, also, as they announced that they weren't going to be bringing Brooks back under any circumstances, as soon as they were trounced from the playoffs.

The verbiage was strong. The messade was sent.

Nevermind that Brooks was an All-Defensive performer. Nevermind that Brooks accepted a secondary role on the team, despite wanting a greater role.

None of that mattered. The Grizzlies were done.

And he was the problem. Or so they said.

That sticks with players, especially like Brooks, who are emotionally driven and play with a chip on their shoulder. And Brooks has kept quiet about the ordeal, at least until now.

Houston Rockets newly-signed forward Dillon Brooks took a shot at his former team.

Fresh off of leading Canada to a victory over Spain in the FIBA World Cup, Brooks sounded off, and he left little doubt regarding who he was talking about.

“Coming off a tough year with my old squad [the Memphis Grizzies] it was great having a refresh with Canadian blood,” Brooks said. “Guys who believe in me. Guys who trust in me. It was great to win this game in a great fashion.....My teammates were trusting me to make the plays."

Brooks' comments show that he hasn't fully gotten over what went down in Memphis, and he even says as much. And although, on the one hand, it may seem like this should all be water under the bridge, as he's on a different team now and received a massive payday, this is what fuels Dillon Brooks.

Any type of perceived slight will be heightened internally and intensified emotionally.

Dennis Schröder can attest to this, as he was on the receiving end of Brooks' unapologetic physicality after trolling and mocking him on several occasions in international play.

Brooks dropped 22 points and 5 rebounds in Canada's victory over Spain, which advanced them to the top eight of the FIBA World Cup and guaranteed them a spot in the 2024 Olympics. Oklahoma City Thunder All-NBA guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander gave Brooks immense praise after the match, commenting on his leadership skills and abilities.

"He’s a leader. He does the right things on the basketball floor. He plays with the right energy."

The Rockets will be surely hoping that this holds true, as Brooks could be a key difference-maker for the young ballclub, if so.