Rockets free agency roundup: the latest on Holiday, Tate, Bullock

The Houston Rockets are bringing Jae'Sean Tate back
The Houston Rockets are bringing Jae'Sean Tate back / Justin Ford/GettyImages

The Houston Rockets were never going to make franchise-altering decisions this summer.

That's not to say they haven't been rumored to be considering one. At times, it feels like Houston are the centerpiece of more NBA rumors than any other team. That's partly because the Rockets will eventually have to consolidate some of the talent they've accumulated.

You're supposed to strike when the iron is hot. Right now, it's lukewarm. The Rockets are going to run back their 2023-24 group with some moderate changes, and that's the right decision.

It seems like they're even bringing back some role players.

Houston Rockets retain Aaron Holiday, Jae'Sean Tate

The Rockets decided to pick up Jae'Sean Tate's team option.

This was a sensible decision. Without Tate, the Rockets would be light on tradeable contracts. His $7 million expiring deal will be easy to throw into a bigger package if the Rockets make a large deal this year.

Otherwise, the scouting report is out on Tate. He's a solid, versatile defender who can handle the ball. That said, his 29.9% three-point percentage from 2023-24 may see the Rockets reducing his role. This team seems focused on improving their floor spacing next season.

With that in mind, keeping Aaron Holiday around on a two-year, $10 million dollar deal is also prudent. He shot 38.7% from long range next year. We'll see if Reed Sheppard is able to usurp Holiday in the rotation as a rookie, but either way, the Rockets will have shooting in their backcourt.

Unfortunately, they look poised to lose a veteran sharpshooter in free agency.

Houston Rockets set to let Reggie Bullock walk

It doesn't seem that Reggie Bullock will be returning to the squad for 2024-25.

This doesn't come as a shock. Bullock mustered just 9.5 minutes per game for the Rockets in 2023-24. For whatever reason, head coach Ime Udoka seemed to trust Tate more despite Bullock's superior shooting.

Now, it looks like several teams have an interest in the veteran. Bullock's best NBA days are likely behind him, but he should be able to carve out a role as a reserve somewhere. Still, the Rockets aren't likely to regret letting him walk.

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It won't be a franchise-altering decision.