Rockets icon gives surprising endorsement

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Twitter has become a cesspool as it pertains to NBA discourse (and every other kind of discourse also). Houston Rockets Twitter is no different, although it can become a powerful force and inspire change when the fans unite for a common cause (Houston’s FOX-affiliate recently learned this lesson the hard way).

We've heard players emphasize the importance of them staying off Twitter, as the elimination of the toxicity can have an overall positive impact on their mental health. Other players like Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. have made it a point to detox from social media every so often. 

“I tend to take breaks from social media. Nowadays, social media is used as negative more than positive, and it was created for positivity, but it is 2022, so you know how that goes. I just advise people to take a break. There is a lot of fake stuff out there that you see.”

Other players, like Kevin Durant and Rockets rising star Jalen Green, have created burner accounts to engage with fans anonymously and prevent the masses from being able to create headlines based on their likes and/or social media activities. 

Rockets icon gives surprising endorsement

In general, burner accounts have often been associated with toxic behavior, as people tend to say things that they wouldn't otherwise say if their name and image was attached to the posts. However, when fans make burner accounts of notable figures, they can oftentimes become great sources of entertainment, as they are essentially parody accounts. 

If you're active on the platform, you've seen some of these accounts. Whether it's Shannon Sharpe's burner or Stephen A. Smith's burner (which is now defunct), the accounts are pure, instant comedy. Bol Bol even had a Twitter user make a parody account after him.

Former Rockets point guard Mark Jackson has a burner account made for him also, and he and former Rockets coach and fan favorite Jeff Van Gundy have taken notice and developed an appreciation for the content.

Van Gundy was on The Wheelhouse with Jake Asman, Cody Stoots, & Brad Kellner on ESPN 97.5 & 92.5 FM Houston and expressed his enjoyment with the burner accounts.

"There's a Mark Jackson burner. And the funny part is, whoever does it, would end whatever his statement is, in with all due respect. It just cracks Mark and I up."

Van Gundy explained how the burner accounts have been a source of entertainment for both he and his daughter.

"The best one- my daughter found this. There was this random guy, and I forgot the guy's handle or whatever you would call it. It was obviously a parody but it would be like Mark saying something outlandish, me saying something like really stupid, and then Mike Breen saying 'foul on LeBron James'. 

It was like one day I was inhaling mushrooms or something. Like just stupid stuff. Mark and I laughed. And my daughter- she couldn't wait to show me any new one that came out. Those are the only two that I'm aware of. "

Van Gundy has a burner account made for him also but didn't seem to be aware of it, as he isn't on Twitter (which is a smart decision). Van Gundy and Jackson's responses to the burner accounts are quite different than that of Bol and their colleague Stephen A. Smith, as they developed a dislike for the parody accounts made after them.

All in all, it's good to see the former Rockets getting enjoyment out of the burner accounts. There's not enough of that on Twitter these days.