Rockets: Picking apart an insulting Dillon Brooks trade offer

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This offseason, the Houston Rockets sought to add reinforcements on the defensive side of the floor, and rightfully so, as they've been a bottom-tier defense for the last three seasons. The Rockets ranked 27th in defensive efficiency in 2020-21, 29th in defensive efficiency in 2021-22, and 29th in the same category last season.

The Rockets addressed this by inking Ime Udoka to their head coaching vacancy, and signing both Fred VanVleet and Dillon Brooks, who are both great defenders, especially at their respective positions. The Rockets had to overpay to land both players, as they had no other way of overcoming the stench of the franchise for the last several years, which has been most associated with losing in the eyes of the masses.

VanVleet was viewed as a great addition, as his former Toronto Raptors wanted to keep him but ultimately weren't willing to climb the financial ladder to land him, unlike the Rockets, who gave him a three-year deal worth $128.5 million in total, with $83.6 million guaranteed. Brooks, however, is a much different story.

Picking apart an outlandish Dillon Brooks trade proposal

The Memphis Grizzlies made it known that they weren't interested in bringing him back, regardless of the price. They'd seen enough and largely scape-goated him for their inability to ascend during the postseason.

Brooks definitely felt that, as he hasn't stopped taking shots at the Grizzlies, despite getting a massive pay day from Rockets GM Rafael Stone. Speaking of which, the Rockets gave Brooks a four-year deal worth upto $90 million in total, with $86 million guaranteed.

Bringing Brooks into the fold was a rather significant risk, as he struggled to understand his offensive role in Memphis, despite playing alongside All-Stars and/or elite players, such as Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr., and Desmond Bane. For this reason, many are expecting Brooks' past ways to resurface in Houston, leaving the Rockets with no choice but to trade him.

One specific trade proposal has Brooks being dealt to the Los Angeles Lakers, in a deal that makes absolutely no sense for the Rockets. Let's take a look at the deal that was concocted.