Where should the Houston Rockets rank in the NBA's future power rankings?

Could Alperen Sengun lead the Houston Rockets to an NBA title in the next three years?
Could Alperen Sengun lead the Houston Rockets to an NBA title in the next three years? / Tim Warner/GettyImages

Every team in the NBA needs to recognize their timeline.

When are they hoping to win? When are they hoping to win big? What are their goals for the upcoming season, the next three seasons, and the next half-decade?

The Houston Rockets want to win now. Their timeline has narrowed since Rafael Stone started rebuilding this team in 2020. At the same time, the Rockets still have an eye toward the future.

It seems like Bleacher Report is low on the outlook of their next three seasons. They recently ranked the Rockets 22nd in their future power rankings.

Were they fair?

Houston Rockets are still a future-focused team

Let's consider their criteria. Calling this a "future power rankings" is a bit misleading. Bleacher Report ranked each team in the NBA based on their odds of winning a title over the next three seasons.

"Even if everyone somehow hits their ceilings, that feels more like a five-years-from-now outcome."

Andy Bailey

That's fair. If you think the Rockets are likely to win the NBA championship within the next three years, it's time for some self-reflection. It is highly unlikely.

Barring any major developments, that is.

Houston Rockets could trade for superstar

If the Rockets trade for an MVP candidate, their outlook changes. The window narrows.

Suppose they flipped the bulk of their young core and draft capital for a top-5 player this summer. Suddenly, they'd shoot up these power rankings.

Bleacher Report is surely accounting for that possibility. It's simply unlikely to come to fruition. Top-5 players seldom shake loose, and even if one does, the Rockets will have to fend off rival suitors.

It's far more likely that the team will keep this core together for at least a couple more years. In doing so, the Rockets will hinder their three-year outlook in hopes of improving their five-to-seven-year outlook. If that works, check in with Bleacher Report in a few seasons:

The Rockets could rank a lot higher on a similar list.