Houston Rockets: One Thing Each Player Should Work On


Everybody who has ever watched a Houston Rockets game has yelled at the television at some point in time, thinking that they know what player’s should have done. We all wish that they could hear us. We wish we could call a timeout from the couch in our living rooms or man caves and draw up a play that would win the

Nov.. 16, 2011; Portland, OR, USA; Houston Rockets interim head coach Kelvin Sampson shrugs after an officials call during the first quarter of the game against the Portland Trail Blazers at the Rose Garden. Mandatory Credit: Steve Dykes-US PRESSWIRE

game. Unfortunately we can not and are left to voicing our opinions in barber shops, on twitter, in blogs, or on the rare occasions when we do run into athletes we interrupt their personal lives to rant. I do apologize to Rafer Alston for my rant in 2006 at a local nightclub, where I politely told him that he should be taking shots in the gym instead of shots at the bar. With all of that said here are a few suggestions for players on the team that myself and a few friends came up with.

Jeremy Lin: First of all Mr. Lin you are not a little guy. You can use either hand and you are quick. You went to one of the best schools in the country so we all know you are smart. Please stop over thinking. Just go out and play basketball like you did last year. Do what you love the way you love to do it. Don’t be afraid to shoot the ball and please stop picking your dribble up at half court. If you can stop jumping to pass the ball then you will be more then fine. Enjoy being on a team without a diva on it and stay focused. i suggest watching some old Kevin Johnson videos before the games.

James Harden: Get a right hand and stop putting unnecessary stress on yourself. You are the best scorer on the team and you have the most experience too. Understand that you have teammates who you can rely on to help with the heavy lifting and they are still there at the end of games. If you ever feel like the pressure is too much for you stop by the Breakfast Klub on Alabama and get some good food in you, the people won’t do anything except try to lift you up. Houston fan’s get a bad rap sometimes, we demand excellence but recognize people who are actually trying.

Chandler Parsons: Keep doing what you are doing. Everyone i’ve talked to seems to think the world of you and all want to RT the message you got from your mom before the last Blazers game.

Patrick Patterson: You have too much game not be attack the basket harder then you have been. Go up Strong each time and stop shooting so many three’s. You have more three point attempts then free throws or rebounds right now. Everyone knows you can bang in the paint and learned a lot from Luis Scola. Lets see some post moves. You can post up a lot more people in the league the way you did Shane Battier. On the positive side your defense has been excellent so far.

Omer Asik: Dunk the Ball! Dunk the Ball! We want to see you have a mean streak in you because you are the big man for our team. Anybody who comes into the lane should have you on their mind and a little bit of doubt in their souls. You have played awesome so far and get my vote for Team MVP. #AsikandDestroy says it all.

Terrence Jones: Just keep your head up and don’t get down. The coaches will find a way to work you into the roster and remember that even Kobe sat on the bench at the beginning of his career. When you do get in the game dominate the boards and move without the ball so the guards can have a chance to find you for some easy back cuts and lobs.

Royce White: Take care of your health and don’t give up. Compromise takes two parties and Twitter is not the place to air dirty laundry. You don’t share every argument you have online so please stop bringing light to the drama.