Grade the mock trade: How Rockets can re-acquire fan favorite for Kevin Porter Jr.

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Kevin Porter Jr.'s days in a Houston Rockets uniform are essentially over, in light of Porter's most recent arrest for domestic violence. Porter was already on thin ice, which is why the Rockets gave him a $63 million contract extension with just $15.86 million guaranteed.

The Rockets acquired Porter from the Cleveland Cavaliers for practically nothing, as the Cavs were desperately ready to ship him away due to a similar pattern of behavior. Porter is under investigation by NBA commissioner Adam Silver and his NBA career is likely over, after being charged with two felony counts of assault-family violence and one felony count of strangulation, stemming from an incident in a Manhattan hotel room.

The Rockets are hoping to find a team interested in trading for Porter, as they'd like to immediately ship him away and distance themselves from Porter. In fact, the Rockets have already scrubbed their social media accounts of any traces of the troubled guard and they'll surely not allow him to report to training camp, even if they aren't able to find a taker in a trade.

Houston Rockets deal disgraced guard in three-team trade that benefits all parties.

The Rockets are willing to attach draft compensation in a Porter trade to incentivize teams to take on the backlash associated with trading for a player who is alleged to have committed acts as heinous and horrific as Porter. In addition, any team would be able to offload undesired salary, while taking on picks.

In any other situation, a team would have to attach picks to get rid of a bad contract. And any bad PR associated with acquiring Porter would likely be absolved imminently, as Porter would be released by the team that acquires him.

Porter's $15.6 million salary could be the key to a mega three-team deal involving the Rockets, LA Clippers, and Detroit Pistons.

Constructing a deal

As stated above, the Rockets are willing to attach draft compensation in any deal involving KPJ, and they'll need to if they hope to move him. Again, any team that acquires him will be punting on a roster spot in the upcoming season.

Porter's days in the NBA are over. I can't stress that enough.

His value is strictly as salary-filler in a deal. Several teams should consider entering the fray in a KPJ deal, as the Rockets are more than willing to take on a bad contract, since it would allow them to preserve Porter's salary slot.

One tade that makes a ton of sense is a three-team deal involving the Clippers, Rockets, and Pistons. The deal is outlined below.

Rockets land: Robert Covington, James Preston
Clippers land: Kevin Porter Jr., 2 second-round draft picks (via Houston), Bojan Bogdanovic
Pistons land: Marcus Morris Sr., Amir Coffey, 2028 first-round pick (via Houston)

Why Detroit does the deal

It's no secret that the Pistons are willing to deal Bojan Bogdanovic, as the rumors have been swirling. The biggest hold-up has been Detroit's asking price, as they're seeking to land a first-round pick in exchange for his services. 

In this deal, Detroit lands a 2028 first-round pick from the Rockets -satisfying their asking price. Netting a first-round pick for a player who will be falling off the books after the upcoming 2023-24 season is a major win for Detroit, even if they do have to take on one year of Marcus Morris' salary ($17.1 million).