Houston Rockets 2015 Media Day: Jason Terry The Future Coach!


Continuing the Houston Rockets 2015 Media Day, Jason Terry took to the podium to discuss his new team, opportunity and what he expects.

Most of the core returning players spoke at the podium and each one seemed to demonstrate a different character trait. In the case of Jason Terry who said he hopes after his career to coach I couldn’t help but think while he spoke that he could easily shift into politics. Then again, the veterans of most teams tend to have a knowledge which makes them stand out. Still, having Terry return was a coup for the Rockets who’ll likely utilize his services arguably more inside the locker room than in multiple minutes on the court.

Jason Terry: "We’re very close. Right now, on paper, we look good. Our main thing this year is being healthy at right time."

— Jonathan Feigen (@Jonathan_Feigen) September 28, 2015

That said, Terry is excited with the addition of Ty Lawson and a healthy Beverley which means he can return to his natural shooting guard role. He noted that allows Harden the opportunity for increased rest which appears to be a mandate this season to lower Harden’s minutes and over usage, so he’ll arrive at the post season better rested.

“We are good. We are deep. We have guys that complement each other, but you have to go out there and play, (& do it)” Jason Terry #Rockets

— Adam Wexler (@awexler) September 28, 2015

Perhaps the best quote of the day (in fact most of the best quotes of the day) came from Terry who said “Every season is a new journey, and I’m excited to start my 17th!

“We are good, we are deep and we compliment each other.” – Jason Terry

Of note: clicking the Twitter link below will allow you to view his interview in it’s entirety:

Media Day 2015 – Jason Terry http://t.co/iaARdIUey2 via @houstonrockets

— Space City Scoop (@SpaceCity_Scoop) September 29, 2015

Terry said last season they entered the year asking if they could build chemistry quickly enough and were they mentality tough. He felt they answered both those questions via their comeback win over the Clippers in Game 6 and coming back from being down 3 games to 1 in the series. He further cited the loss to GSW as motivation to come back and win.

Every season is a new journey, and I’m excited to start my 17th!“- Terry

He cites Ty Lawson as a puzzle piece which gives them a vital component they were missing last season. Terry unlike some of his counterparts was careful to say as good as they look on paper they still have to deliver on the court.

Terry pointed to what he can bring off the court as a voice for his younger teammates when they are tired of hearing the coaches voice and he also said the Rockets coaching staff is a great one to learn from for his future vocation. In fact Terry reiterated the 2 things McHale and Morey spoke about regarding lowering turnovers and being consistent on their transition defense.

"Every season is a new journey. I'm excited to start my 17th. We look good on paper, but have to go out and scrap." pic.twitter.com/klTb7gUGPv

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) September 28, 2015

It was also obvious Terry and Lawson have spoken given they both spoke to a point guard’s career being judged based on their wins and level of success.

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